Thursday, September 10, 2009

Save money using Skype to celebrate Grandparents Day with long -distance grandparents

Skype is downloadable software that allows the user to communicate with another person via the Internet. The call is free and made possible as long as both people have computer access and a web cam.

Grandparents and children are able to see each other as they are talking. This is great for younger children who may have difficulty talking on the phone. (You may have seen one of your children hold up their new toy to the phone to show it off.) Skype makes it possible for kids to show off those toys and see their grandparent's reaction.

Head over to the Skype's web page that describes Free Skype to Skype calling. You can download the software and setup your account.

You can search and find the grandparent in the system and add them to your contacts. Now, they are just a mouse click away.

Some things to consider:

This may not be easy for all grandparents. My Pops is 82, doesn't have a computer and has no desire to have one. He lives in Virginia and we only see him about once a year. In his case, my aunt set up Skype at her house, on her computer, and when he visits we are able to talk to him on Skype.

You may need to purchase some equipment
. Check your computer to make sure you have a web cam and microphone features available. If you don't you can purchase a web cam and still make Skype phone calls. In the long run, depending on how much you plan on using it, the cost of the web cam may be worth what you are saving in long distance.

Plan ahead. If you want to make a special Skype call for Grandparents Day, give it a trial run before hand. You want to make sure that both sides of the connection are working and that you are able to see and hear each other. Better to try this in advance and not have your Grandparents Day plans spoiled by a glitch.

By: Angela Sauber


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