Friday, September 11, 2009, a New Website, Helps Car Owners Save Money on Auto Repairs

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 11, 2009 — In this ailing economy, when Americans are struggling to save every penny, a new, free website - - has been recently launched to help its registered users save money on their auto repairs. The patent-pending website has great tools to help its registered members in deciding where to take their cars for maintenance and repairs. is like an “Expedia” for auto repair. Based on Web 2.0 concepts and philosophy, will empower its members to make the best choices for servicing and repair needs of their cars. Prundo members can download money-saving coupons for over 30 types of car repair, including brake, oil change, transmission, and tires, for free. will also offer following benefits to its members:

  • View available auto repair shops for the desired service in their zip codes
  • Review special offers from the auto service providers
  • No need to clip coupons! Get coupons 24×7, whenever they need them!
  • Compare costs of desired automobile servicing
  • View user ranking/feedback of the auto repair shop
  • View distance to the preferred auto repair shop
  • Get directions to the preferred auto repair shop

“The mission of our company is to make auto repairs easy for our members and remove any doubts they may have,” said Prundo CEO Alka Gupta. “We want to help our members get better service on auto repairs and save money at the same time.”

There are over 235 million cars in the U.S. Due to the current state of the economy, people are keeping their cars longer (average of 9 years), thereby requiring routine maintenance and repairs to keep their cars in working condition. U.S. car owners spend approximately $800 per car per year, making auto repairs a $250 billion market.

“Prundo is an innovative concept because there are no websites currently available to help consumers compare auto services based on cost, distance, offers/discount and quality of service,” said Gupta. “ was launched to fill this gap and provide a logical tool for its members.” may well be the ticket to relief for all American car owners in this economy, as users have already saved over $17,000 since its launch. The website currently has coupons worth over $150,000. So next time when your car needs a brake replacement or tire rotation or even a simple oil change, give it a try before you go to your mechanic, because you could save some serious bucks.


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